BTX Precision Established As Group Brand


BTX Precision Established As Group Brand | February 2024

L Squared Capital Partners in partnership with recently appointed Group CEO, Rick McIntyre, has officially established BTX Precision as the brand identity for the precision manufacturing platform currently consisting of three business units; ERA Industries (Chicago, IL), Gen El Mec Associates (Oxford, CT) and I3D Manufacturing (Redmond, OR). 

Over the course of 2023, this L Squared thesis in the industrials space began to take shape with the acquisitions of ERA, GEM and I3D. Now under the BTX umbrella, those companies and follow on acquisitions to the BTX system will continue to serve in most cases as separate and distinct Business Units operating under cover of their own brands as part of the larger precision manufacturing platform. 

Additional infrastructure is being built out at the BTX level by Rick McIntyre as Group CEO and his team, which is intended to support each BU in its core charge and synergize the efforts of all BUs across the platform. The M&A strategy employed early and often in and around the BTX build is expected to continue at an extraordinary pace. 

Rick McIntyre was quoted as saying, “it’s really important in the early days when building a platform like this to get very organized around the thesis and strategy, and so much is set into motion by establishing an identity.” McIntyre went on to remark that, “there’s so much opportunity to be highly effective on the M&A front with this platform given the market dynamics, so having a clear and concise brand message to communicate to those targets, not to mention those folks we are already engaged with at both the BU and platform level is super exciting.”

BTX Precision is the last investment made in L Squared Fund III, and significant resources have been committed to grow this exciting new platform on all fronts. 

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